Dear Mr. Luk,

We have received your letter dated 16 April, 2001 addressed to Mr. Wu Jing Sze, the Head of the Cultural Department of Foshan City Government regarding the establishment of Ip Man Tong in Foshan. 

Our aim to establish the Ip Man Tong in Foshan is never changed. The delay of the first phase of construction is due to the master development plan in Foshan has been changed. We hope that you will understand that the establishment of Ip Man Tong will be benefited from the change of the master development plan. We must apologize for the delay of this project which will lead to the adverse impact on your reputation. We will try our best to get this project started as soon as possible. 

Yours faithfully,

Wushu Museum Development Committee of Foshan 
Foshan City Museum

Date: May 30, 2001