Agreement as to the Ip Man Tong development project 

Date: April, 2000

An agreement has been signed this day by and between the Cultural Council of Foshan city (hereafter referred to as ¡§CCF¡¨) and Mr. Ip Chun and Mr. Ip Ching (hereafter referred to as ¡§IPS¡¨) to mutually confirm the following terms and conditions with respect to the Ip Man Tong development project in Foshan, China:


1.     CCF agrees to use the third block of the home of the late Mr. Cheung Yum Woon in the Wushu Museum as the location for the Ip Man Museum.  The total area is 112.784 m2.  The court yard area is 14.832 m2 and the interior area is 97.952 m2 (including the dining area of 62.50 m2 with two corridors area of 23.47 m2).  The Ip Man Museum will be called ¡§Ip Man Tong¡¨ and the property right will be vested under CCF.


2.      A total capital of HK$600,000 shall be raised by IPS in Hong Kong.  Since the home of the late Mr. Cheung Yum Woon is under the protection of Ancient Architecture Regulations, so ¡§Ip Man Tong¡¨ should be built according to the original design with the interior and exterior structure remains unchanged.


3.     CCF will be responsible for the bronze statue of Grandmaster Ip Man and other non-movable decorations.  IPS will be responsible for the ¡§Ip Man Tong¡¨ plaque, Chinese couplets and other movable facilities.


4.     The structure of Ip Man Tong should be designed according to the historical background of Grandmaster Ip Man.  The preliminary schedule is as follows:


-     1st phase will be based on the personal background of Grandmaster Ip Man and his contribution in the worldwide martial art.

-     The following phases will be based on the stories of his outstanding students around the world in order to reflect the development of Ving Tsun Kungfu in the world.


5.     Both CCF and IPS are responsible to search for the necessary information of Grandmaster Ip Man. 


6.     Once the Ip Man Tong is established, IPS should be responsible to invite all Ving Tsun practitioners around the world to visit Foshan.  On the other hand, CCF should be responsible to organise these activities.


7.     The total funding for the development of Ip Man Tong is HK$600,000 and any remaining funding will be borne by CCF.


8.     This agreement as certified by the Foshan Notary Public was executed as of the day and year first above written.



For and on behalf of                                        

Cultural Council of Foshan city                                  Mr. Ip Chun & Mr. Ip Ching



(Sd.)                                                                       (Sd.) Ip Chun



                                                                              (Sd.) Ip Ching