The 50th Anniversary Celebration Magazine will be published in May 2000 and please read the following Appeal for Written Contribution.

Dear Ving Tsun practitioners and organizations,

Grandmaster Ip Man introduced and encouraged the widespread practice of Ving Tsun in Hong Kong and overseas countries 50 years ago. In order to express our sincere appreciation to the valuable effort devoted by our Grandmaster, as well as to encourage communication and feedback from its practitioners, we are planning to publish a "50th Anniversary Celebration Magazine".  Written contributions and comments are now invited on the following 4 criteria:

1.    The history of Ving Tsun;
2.    The development of Ving Tsun organizations;
3.    The theories and methodologies of Ving Tsun; and
4.    The sharing in experience of teaching Ving Tsun.

All contributions should not contain any element of self-promotion, and no contribution fee will be provided. The Editorial Committee reserves the ultimate decision on the publication of all contributions, which will then be translated to provided bilingual (English and Chinese Language) versions. The copyright of such contributions shall belong to Ving Tsun Athletic Association Ltd. The Celebration Magazine will be available to all Ving Tsun practitioners and organizations at a special price.

Once and for all, thank you for your long lasting support to us. We are looking forward to your feedback and contributions.

Please submit your written contribution to:

Ving Tsun Athletic Association,
3 Nullah Road, 2C/Fl., Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Attn : Lewis Luk
Re : Written Contribution for The 50th Anniversary Celebration Magazine