Siu Nim Tau (Part 2)
Chu Shong Tin


From the name [Siu Nim Tau] (In Chinese means ˇ§sense from the brainˇ¨), it can be seen that the form is based on idea or mind. Hence, when one has attained a stage that he is familiar with the form and perform all the moves correctly, he need not practise with a mirror in front of him just to see if the moves are correct. In order not to affect the concentration of the moves, he should use the mind to perform the moves. After practicing for a long period of time, he should be able to perform the moves with the mind freely at any moment without exerting force of the muscle.


In learning Siu Nim Tau, when one has passed the stages of imitating the moves and performing the moves with the mind, he should try to input the mind force into the limbs. ˇ§Mind Forceˇ¨ is an invisible power. Looking at it from another angle, it is the power created when concentrating the mind and is similar to Qigong and Ligong. When one has achieved the stage of driving the mind force, he can feel the existence of it. Wherever the mind force is moved to inside the body of a person, the power of that part of the body is increased, and every move he performs will be springy and filled up with energy. In fighting, since he has already possessed the absorbing and rebounding effect due to the existence of the mind force, when encountering the opponent, he is able to use the appropriate move automatically without thinking, thus, achieving the best result in attack and defence.


The centre line of any object is the centre point of that object. It is also the perpendicular line from the centre of gravity of that object, and supporting at the centre of gravity is actually supporting the weight of that object. Hence, if that object moves to any direction, and if one touches the centre of gravity of that object in the direction it is moving, he will have to suffer the whole weight and impact of the object. Since a object of different shape will have a different centre of gravity, depending on the shape of that object, it is necessary to determine where the centre of gravity is on each occasion.

The basic moves of Siu Nim Tau is founded basing on the centre of gravity of a person together with the principle of the centre line. The Tan Sau and Fook Sau moves forward from oneˇ¦s centre point. This is to use the centre of gravity of a person to move forward thus concentrating the whole body weight of the person to attack. Bong Sau, which is moving up from below, is using the centre of gravity of the person moving slopingly forward and upwards. Garn Sau and lower cut down is using the centre of gravity of the person moving slopingly forward and downwards. For this reason, if one can master the principle of the centre of gravity, the opponent has to tolerate your attack with your whole body weight. This is the main idea of Siu Nim Tau using the body weight in fighting.

The above is just the basic theory of Siu Nim Tau and does not consist of any particular skill. Hence, if you practise Siu Nim Tau in accordance with the above theory and achieve the described level, you will be able to tolerate heavy force and generate enormous power without exerting muscular force. One cannot imagine this unless he has personally experienced it. In order to really know Siu Nim Tau and feel its power, one must practise Siu Nim Tau repeatedly and persistently for a long period of time.

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